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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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wbal news. >> an off-duty altercation ends with an officer firing 13 rounds and killing an unarmed man. it happened early this morning. the sister of 32-year-old tyrone brown says she twist -- she witnessed the whole thing and that the officer went too far. >> the officer is a 15 year veteran of the police force. witnesses say he did not seem intoxicated at the time of the shooting, but that if he was drunk, he should not have been carrying his service weapon. >> the family of 32-year-old tyrone brown gathered to celebrate his memory and mourn his death. >> he always gave to everyone he knew. >> he was out with his sister
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around 1:30 a.m. saturday morning when they approached a group of people, including an off-duty police officer in mount vernon. according to police, brown made physical advances on a woman in the group. >> after the advances, the officer and the individual exchanged words. the altercation turned physical. at that point, the officer pulled out his service weapon and fired multiple shot at our victim. >> brown's sisters as a that is not how it happened. >> there was absolutely no physical contact. the officer was not in any harm whatsoever. he had his hands up. he had no weapons or anything. >> mike -- my brother was telling him, ", down. -- it was telling him, "calm down." the next thing i know, he was
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telling me he was shot. >> the officer fired 13 times at close range. >> it is crazy to think that he would have to share it 13 times at an unarmed man. >> brown's family says they are having a hard time understanding the whole situation. they say he was not a violent man, served two tours of duty in iraq, and leaves behind a wife and kids. >> we just have to take it one day at a time and leave it in god's hands. >> they have one wish for the future. >> my brother was opposed to what the down the aisle next month when i get married. now he is not here. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions in this case. police say they are still investigating and will determine whether or not to file any charges. until then, the officer remains
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on administrative leave. >> two officers from the elkin police department are also on a routine lead after shooting an unarmed man. this happened last night. 30-year old dwyane williams allegedly made eight falls 911 call, and two officers arrived on -- of false -- a falls 911 call, and the two officers responded to the scene. shots rang out around 60 p.m. tonight. -- around 6:30 p.m. tonight. there is no update on the man has a condition. >> another warm day today. it was pretty much be deceiving. otherwise, it was pretty -- it
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was pretty muggy this evening. otherwise, upper -- a pretty uneventful day. we have some stars coming out of the ohio river valley. most of that activity dissipated as it approached the day. the few storms cells did move across the eastern shore. again, it is mostly just sprinkles in very light shower activity. tomorrow, a very similar situation. we may get a kick from a cold front moving in. we will detail of that with the instaweather plus forecast in just a minute. >> city officials have identified a man who drowned. officials received a call last night and were told that it happened after a group of young men decided to go for a swim. >> it is not a safe place to
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swim. a number of young men came out for swimming yesterday evening with some of their friends. one of them fell behind. when they turned around to see what was happening, he slipped below the water. >> swimming here is illegal for a number of reasons. there are fluctuating current, underwater debris, and sudden drop box. >> -- sudden drop offs. >> we have a follow-up to a company that claimed to be a legitimate nursing school. it has been shut down and ordered to pay back money it charged aspiring nurses for causes. it is estimated to be at least $177,000. the company is not recognized by the maryland higher education commission or the state board of nursing. the attorney-general's office ordered the institution to cease
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and desist. it was still accepting applications. tonight, bp says it is making progress underwater. the cap on the pressure is in place, but it is only capturing some of the oil. estimates are 5% to 30% of the oil coming out every day. a spokesperson said that the paul edelman not be plugged until august -- said that the full holt may not be plug until august. >> we are digging a relief well. >> in the meantime, tar balls have been spotted on the sandy white shores of pensacola beach. we have news from florida. >> from afar, it looks like a typical saturday. people are packing the beach to enjoy the white sand and water. closer, you can see a stroll down the beach now includes
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dodging atar patties. -- tar patties. not as many balls seem to be watching up as first hit the shore on friday. >> we need to come out and still support the business is out here. >> more than 500 of the sticky blobs have been scooped up. over a dozen large masses have been recovered. this man is worried that the disaster will put him out of work. >> my main job is on above. if i cannot get in the water, there is no work for meat to do. -- my main job is on a boat. if i cannot get in the water, there is no work for me to do. >> thousands of the barrels of
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oil are still gushing out of the spill every day and impacting wildlife. birds have fun -- birds have been brought into this at facility to be cleaned up, tagged and released. oil, if smaller, can cause kidney failure and even death. more than 2700 people have volunteered to help with the cleanup here. frustrated workers do not know who or what the oil will impact the next. in pensacola beach, back to you. >> after the near bombing of the u.s. jetliner, the president says it is time for a national security shakeup. he has made a choice for national intelligence and director, but some are apprehensive about it. what the murder of a peruvian woman means for a dutch national who was suspected in the disappearance of an american team. >> warm and humid conditions and a rain chant continues for the
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area. we will tell you the forecast for
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>> president obama has nominated the pentagon post a top intelligence official to oversee the nation's 6 spy agencies. he is a retired three-star air force general who has also served as director of the defense intelligence agency. >> he possesses the quality that i value in all of my advisers, the willingness to tell leaders what we need to know, even if it is not what we want to hear. >> we have the largest, most capable intelligent enterprise on the planet. it is a solid trust between he and i to make that enterprise work. >> he will need approval before he can take the job. some have criticized him for being combative and not taking criticism well in his previous post. the dutch man who was a suspect in the disappearance of alabama
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teenager natalee holloway is now in peru, where he could face charges of murdering a woman in that country. he met the 21-year-old in a casino in peru, and the two went back to his room. hours later, he was headed to the border. days later, police found her body. murder charges have not yet been filed. it is the first monument honoring our nation's first president, but tonight, the national landmark is closed to the public. why city officials say they were forced to make that move. >> stories have dissipated coming into our area today, but we have more activity coming into our area tomorrow. the full forecast is ahead. the full forecast is ahead.
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washingtone's monument is temporarily closed for repair. visitors have been warned not to go to the balcony of the top of the marble tower. mortar is missing and metal supports are resting. this is the first time the monument has been closed since the 1992 renovation. it was built between 1815 and 1829. baltimore kicked off its 2010 suit case of the nation's -- showcase of the nation's ethnic festival this morning with poland.
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there was published music, food and drinks. olish - there was publi music, food and drinks. the best of a continues through the weekend. tomorrow is the charles village garden walk where visitors will be able to visit both contemporary and older gardens and the community. >> now, your instaweather plus forecast. >> despite all of the rain in the forecast, the rain had a hard time making it all the way into the baltimore area in one piece. we did have the heat and humidity though. here is what the radar looks like right now. you are seeing about one hour's worth of imagery. there were some pretty strong thunderstorms cells moving
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across the country. there're some showers and sprinkles out of northern virginia. not much going on here this evening. these were originally pretty big storms, but they just got into the more stable air we have had over us, and were not allowed to do their thing. we had a lot of clout today, and that kind of put a lid on things. let's take a look to what happened temperature-wise. typically, we would be around 80 for the high. the record was 101 back in 1995. the richest a few sprinkles at the airport. right now -- there were just a few sprinkles at the airport. right now, temperatures are holding in the a.d.'s -- in the 80's. the two-point levels are still quite high. -- the dew-point levels are
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still quite high. satellite pictures show all the clouds overhead. mostly, they are not producing rain. there is a big storm out in the midwest. this front is still to our north, so we are still in this warm, humid air mass. if that trend comes through tomorrow, we will be in the same situation as it today, although this front might provide a little more kick as it comes through. we might get a thunderstorm in the area if it does come in. there is still a small chance for a shower or thundershowers tonight. mostly, there will just be clouds. it will only get to the low- 70's. instaweather a pitcher cast shows relatively dry conditions and to mark -- futurecast shows a relatively dry conditions tomorrow.
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by tomorrow evening, the front is moving south and we begin to clear out a little bit. 86-90 will be the high. in the southwest breeze, it will be a little stronger. damaging winds are likely. lightning in any thunderstorm is a major risk. that is in any thunderstorm that comes around, especially if you are golfing in a major open area. there are small craft advisories on the day for tomorrow. in ocean city, there will be thundershowers tomorrow. it will be dry on monday. 7 day forecast, 88 tomorrow, but only 78, much less humid on
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monday. there will be a bit of a breeze, especially in the morning, and a lot of sunshine. late tuesday into wednesday, a rain chance again, and then it looks like it will be dry to finish out the week, with a small chance of rain next saturday. to the jurors will be much closer to the average. >> thank you. i guess the question is, you get a new manager eventually, and then do you get a new team? >> they scored tonight. a guy actually went across home plate and it counted. we will talk about the orioles when we come back.
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>> now, sports. >> new manager, same story. tonight, versus the red sox, a good job by a starter. no help from the bullpen. the game and this season, and i just said it a lot nicer than the sports office did tonight when they were yelling at the tv. he pitched a tremendous game. he pitched six scoreless innings. he had a little help from the outfield. nice to grab. first pitt, yikes. 1-0 red sox at that point. if that lit the match, the bullpen poured gas on that. that is a bad idea. he implodes. the orioles again attacked for six more runs. they lose their 10th straight game. 8-2 was the final score.
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in the bottom of the 14th, he delivers in at the clucks with a base hit. another base hit, knocking in aaron smiles who just got called up from the minors on tuesday. the cardinals win. they are smiling tonight. it was an anticlimactic day for the belmont stakes. neither the derby nor the preakness winners won the third leg of the triple crown. hey, there is sarah palin posing for photos. just kidding. this course is raising for the first time in a triple crown events. hall of fame jockey mike smith is a board. he wins by a length, his first belmont victory. golf is down to two big horses on the pga tour.
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phil mickelson comes in with the chance to unseat tighter as the number-one player in the world. -- unseat tiger as the number- one player in the world. what a tree in his face, he had to hit this one. he hit it pretty decent. he is eight shots behind. tiger woods is the defending champion. the bad news, he is still 10 shots out of the lead and tied for 20th. his playing partner had the shot in the round of the day. it was the third shot on the par-5 11th. he nailed a for eagle. he shot 64 to move to a second place tie. he is behind another rikki, 29- year-old ricky valor purity is at 16 under par going into the final -- ricky fowler. he is at 16 under par going into
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the final round. today on thes court. sweet drop shot. she won the first set 6-4. she is looking to be the per se italian woman ever to win a grand slam. -- be the first italian woman ever to win a grand slam. what a great weekend for lacrosse. a 12th annual event for youth lacrosse players. 358 teams made up of boys and girls from ages 7 to 14. is the largest lacrosse tournament in the country. it will wrap up with 18 cham
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>> how is sunday looking? >> ghraib never took off today with any great degree, but tomorrow -- rain and never took off today with any great degree, but tomorrow we stand a better chance. there is also a chance of rain on wednesday, and then again on saturday. mostly, it looks very nice. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. good evening, i'm


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